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Leading innovation in Power, Oil & Gas

Through technological diferentiation, we develop worldwide turn key oil & gas, power, liquefied natural gas, solar and other renewable projects.

Leading innovation in Power, Oil & Gas

Leading innovation in Solar

SENER is a company at the forefront of solar thermal power technology with more than 29 plants, totaling over 2,000 MWe installed power capacity.

Leading innovation in Solar

Over 15 years of experience in EPC contracts

SENER carry out turnkey projects with the utmost requirements for quality, security, and environmental protection.

turnkey projects
Over 15 years of experience in EPC contracts

Los Ramones Gas Piperline

Los Ramones is currently the biggest natural gas supply and distribution facility in Mexico.

Los Ramones Gas Piperline


Oil & Gas

Refinería de Petronor en Muskiz (España)

SENER's portfolio of references in the Oil & Gas sector includes... natural gas treatment plants, process and petrochemical plants, gas pipelines, natural gas compressor stations, fuel storage terminals, and underground gas storage systems. [+]


Central de Ciclo Combinado Norte en México

In Power, SENER develops open cycle and combined cycle plants, as... well as cogeneration, coal, and nuclear plants. [+]


Terminal de Gas Natural Licuado en Maasvlakte en Róterdam, Holanda

SENER has been applying and developing its capacities in the fields... of engineering and technological innovation to all types of natural gas infrastructures for many years. [+]

Solar and Renewables

Planta solar termoeléctrica Bokpoort en Sudáfrica

Renewable energies are where SENER has in large part shaped its... extensive capabilities for innovation and technological development, to the point of becoming the leader in several of the technologies in which it works [+]

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Power, Oil & Gas Parabolic trough plant Bokpoort

Parabolic trough plant Bokpoort

Parabolic trough plant Bokpoort, Northen Cape, South Africa. Bokpoort 50 MW project is the first Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant ... in South Africa using a large capacity of storage (slightly above 9 hours), focused on 24/7 production during Spring and Summer while having the capacity of Peak production during Autumn and Winter seasons.[+]

Power, Oil & Gas Central receiver plant NOORo III

Central receiver plant NOORo III

Download NOORo III fact sheet Central receiver plant NOORo III, Ouarzazate, Moroco. Following NOORo I, SENER is now beginning the works on NOORo ...II, which is rated at 200 MWe and has molten salts storage capacity, and in which SENER’s second generation of parabolic troughs – the SENERtrough®-2 system – are being installed, as they are in NOORo III, rated at 150 MWe. Access to the microsite In contrast to the others, this plant will have a central tower with heliostats and a salt receiver,[+]

Power, Oil & Gas Parabolic trough plant Kathu

Parabolic trough plant Kathu

Parabolic trough plant Kathu, South Africa. Project data: Technology: Parabolic trough collector, SENERTrough2®. Generation capacity: 100 Mwe net power. Thermal storage capacity: 1,550 ... MWth. Number of loops: 250. Main cooling method: Air cooled condenser. Heat transfer fluid: HTF. Contract type.[+]

Power, Oil & Gas Compression stations Los Ramones – Stage II

Compression stations Los Ramones – Stage II

Compression stations Los Ramones – Stage II, Camargo y Los Ramones, Mexico. The integrated project for the Los Ramones Gas Pipeline, ... for Gasoductos del Noreste (GDN), consists in supplying natural gas from Texas (USA) to Guanajuato, a city located in the center of Mexico.[+]

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SENER takes part in the IPAC

16/05/2017 SENER is taking part in the 8th International Particle Accelerator Conference – IPAC. This is the first... [+]

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